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M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson

Rated: 4.3/5
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(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
(M21-14SFG) M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson
M21-14SFG description
Superior Built. Because It's Not Called Sorta Special Forces.

This large folding tactical knife answers the call with a big deep-bellied spear-point blade that cuts through anything. Automated liner safety and a dual hilt blade guard round out the features. This is a knife that's as specialized as those who use it.

Designed by legendary knifemaker Harold ôKit" Carson of Vine Grove, KY the M21™-14SFG offers a combination of Carson Series features requested by military procurement specialists. Being a retired Master Sergeant, Kit was happy to oblige.

This specialty knife features a beast of a blade. Crafted from high carbon stainless steel with our exclusive, patented, Veff Serrations™, it's ideal for cutting rope and fibrous materials dispatching obstacles moments after it's opened. Add to that a black titanium nitride coating for maximum corrosion resistance, and you're good to go through anything.

A rarity in Special Forces knives, the M21™-14SFG also features a dual hilt blade guard to keep you safe during sustained heavy use. This knife also features our automated liner safety innovation which automatically sets a pin between the locking liner and the frame. This pin acts as an additional layer of safety, so the locking liner is less likely to disengage during use. To close the knife, pull the red button lever back, slide the locking liner over, and fold the blade into the closed position.

You work in all conditions and so should your handle. That's why we crafted it with an InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and G10 scales. They give you lightweight, unparalleled grip and strength, and also keep your hands cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The more you use it, the more you realize how dialed in this mission ready knife is.

Reach for a Special Forces blade where the only thing special about it isàpretty much everything.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,437,822 and D559,939

Also available:

M21™-14SF with Triple Point™ Serrations (M21-14SF)

M21-14SFG ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 10
 4.3/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 13
  • 2015-11-06
Great Knife. Very cool looking. Wicked sharp. Heavy weight. Feels great in my hand.

  • 2015-10-29
    Windsor Locks, CT
My favorite knife, and I compare it to Spyderco, Cold Steel, Ka Bar and others. It is the one that usually ends up in my back pocket. That or my Spyderco Endura. Sharpens well and stays sharp. I take it o a stone maybe once every month or two. The quick opening is a huge selling point. Fits well in the hand once open. And I rather like the locking device that takes 2 hands to close it. Rather that than it slip out of a locked position by accident.

  • 2015-10-05
    Aurora, OR
I bought this knife a few months ago and absolutely love it The dual lock system, I was a bit skeptical about at first, however after using it quite a bit, it becomes second nature and honestly will not slow you down much at all when closing. The blade was extremely sharp right out of the box, I haven't had to resharpen it yet so I can't comment on that, it is however keeping it's edge quite nicely. The knife was a bit larger than I'd expected, but I was happy about that part. The handle is extremely grippy, and the entire knife has an almost perfect balance. Opening the knife is ridiculously easy and the pocket clip is sturdy and true. I don't worry about losing the knife out of a pocket, etc. I WOULD but this knife again, and to me that says more than anything.

  • 2015-05-19
    deerfield beach, FL
I bought this on Amazon for $50.00, nice knife even though it's chinese.

  • 2015-01-02
    Williamsville, NY
This knife is a bases-loaded home run I may have to go out and get a second one...I like it so much

  • 2014-08-09
    Landrum, SC
I ordered this knife for my husband's 62nd birthday. He has carried a knife he bought in Mexico for at least 20 years. Well, that one got put in a drawer when he got this one. It arrived exactly on time, and he loves it It is extremely sharp, easy to hold and AWESOME (It also looks really scary to me)

  • 2014-08-01
    Pittsburg, KS
Outstanding I cannot praise this knife enough. Five Stars. Best knife I have owned.

  • 2014-04-28
    Baton Rouge, LA
I really love this knife. The fit and finish is superb. Lockup is tight and secure, blade length/style is aggressive and just plain mean looking. The G10 handles offer all the traction you could want. After a year in the field the blade has its share of knicks but it is easy enough to sharpen. My one knock on this knife is the Veff serrations. They are insanely sharp but way too brittle for a combat/tactical knife. If you are planning on hard use/ tactical applications for this knife, the serrations may get chipped and battered pretty fast. That's just one Marine's opinion. Other than that, this has been the best knife I've ever had in my pocket.

  • 2014-03-16
I love it

  • 2013-11-12
    Charles Town, WV
I really liked this knife. I bought it for EDC and really appreciate the Carson flipper and the deep-belly spear point. It's a little awkward to isn't a big deal, but the other release can be a bit hard to get to. It was also my first experience with the Veff serrations and I am not a fan of them. Within the first couple of weeks, two tips of the Veff teeth are gone...and I've only cut 550 cord, cardboard and light nylon strap. I really wish I had gone with the M21-14SF.

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M21-14SFG - G10 Handle - Veff Serrations - Designed by Kit Carson

Item Number: M21-14SFG
Price: $99.99
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length9.25 inches
Closed Length5.375 inches
Weight6.1 ounces

Length3.99 inches
Thickness0.14 inches
FinishTitanium Nitride
StyleDeep-Bellied Spear Point
EdgeVeff Serrations


TypeLocking Liner
Safety SystemAutomated Liner Safety

Carry System4 Position Clip

PatentU.S. Patent 7,437,822

Product Information
Product Accessories
Kit Carson
Kit Carson of Vine Grove, Kentucky, is a retired professional soldier, rising to the level of Master Sergeant. He has made knives for 30 years and has been a full-time knifemaker since 1993.
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