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Key Chain Sharpener - Designed by Tom Stokes

Rated: 4.6/5
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9096 description
Anyone who uses a knife regularly knows that having a sharp blade edge is much safer than trying to make a dull blade do the job. Designer Tom Stokes created this compact sharpener so it would be easy to have along, and keep you sharp.

You simply hold it firmly on a hard surface, place the rear of the blade edge into the "V" of the carbide sharpener blades and draw the knife through, pulling towards you.

This handy tool also features a flathead screwdriver, small channel blade/cutter, and bottle opener. The Stokes Keychain Sharpener also comes with a split-ring for easy carry attachment.

9096 ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 9
 4.6/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 11
  • 2016-07-21
This is a very useful tool to carry around on your key chain or wherever. I find that it sharpens very nicely in a quick moment. I am not crazy about the small blade on it due to the fact it could get caught on something you don't want to cut. Other then that is is a great and handy tool.

  • 2015-10-11
    McDonald, PA
This is a nice little thing to have on my keychain. It sharpened one of my pocketknives right up. The seat belt cut tightened up the screws when i got it... i like everything snug. No problems with this tool yet.

  • 2015-08-02
    greenville, SC
Great keychain tool. I dont notice it on my chaun until i need it. I doubt the utility of the belt cutter...but it is perfect for opening boxes. Sharpener puts a field expedient edge on my EDC until I can put a proper edge on it. The bottle opener needs work. I haven't found a keychain tool yet that opens bottles well. Good thing 99% of beer has twist off caps.

  • 2014-08-01
    Pittsburg, KS
Extremely handy when you need to put a quick edge on your everyday carry knife. Biggest benefit is I know longer dull my knife opening cardboard boxes

  • 2014-07-04
    Fairfield, CT
I bought this since my knife dulled cutting boxes. It put an amazing edge on my blade and the little hook is great for cutting boxes down. great little product

  • 2014-06-14
    lakewood, CO
I like how its designed.its lightweight.and it does what it'ssupposed to.l already recommended to friends ofmine.I take it everywhere.

  • 2014-04-12
    Amherst, MA
I am a jean wearing knife-ophile and always carry a Victorinox Spartan and a CRKT Ignitor. This little tool does an excellent job of keeping both knives very sharp. Like other CRKT products the sharpener is extremely well designed and made from quality products. The first time I tested the belt cutter/cardboard cutter it was sharp enough to cut a sheet of paper. It is also a big help when I am breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling ... and it spares my two knives from such an indignity. Doug

  • 2014-03-07
    Carson, CA
I bought this as a novelty. I needed a knife sharpener when I'm out and about. I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy this is. I hung it from my day pack and have used it numerous times. It works great.

  • 2014-02-18
    Ambler, PA
Great tool just need to remember that I have 2 of them.

  • 2014-01-07
    Moore, OK
Works great I bought a couple of these for Christmas and it's nice to have several in several places when we need them.

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Key Chain Sharpener - Designed by Tom Stokes

Item Number: 9096
Price: $19.99
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length3.375 inches
Weight0.6 ounces

MaterialGlass Filled Nylon

Bottle Cap OpenerYes
Flat Blade DriverYes
Belt CutterYes

Product Information
Product Accessories
Tom Stokes
Tom Stokes is an experienced product designer and mechanical engineer from the University of Virginia who has worked in the aerospace industry for over 20 years.
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