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Shakaulu - Designed by Ken Onion

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K900KKP description
Unusual specialty hunting knives have been a CRKT staple for many years, and this one is no exception. Conceived by Hawaiian knife maker and big game hunter Ken Onion, this knife is the fusion of two ancient tools: the ulu palm knife and scraper of Alaskan and Canadian tribes, plus the cleaver. Both tools go back many thousands of years, and the earliest flaked stone ulus found date back more than 50,000 years.

As a laid-back Hawaiian, Ken has named the product for the shaka Aloha spirit hand sign, thus it's the Onion Shakaulu™.

Ken developed this tool because there is a real need for it. After taking a large game animal it is a versatile tool for the heavy-duty tasks, with a gut hook, a fully curved Razor-Sharp skinning edge, and a handle that allows it to be used as a cleaver to separate pelvic bones, or even to quarter a large carcass in the field.

The blade of the Shakaulu is exceptionally thick and heavy, the hallmark of a traditional cleaver. It has a high convex grind for maximum strength. The blade is made of 65MN carbon steel for maximum toughness, and is black powder coated to resist corrosion.

The handle is Twin-Fused™— first injection molded with a hard black polypropylene handle form, which is followed by softer dark green TPE plastic inserts. The handle is ergonomic, giving a secure grip in cold weather and while wearing gloves.

For skinning, the Shakaulu can be gripped high like an ulu, with the thumb on the thumb hole. For cleaving, it can be gripped by the handle.

Because the Shakaulu is a heavy tool, Ken designed a special heavy-duty molded polypropylene sheath that incorporates a locking pin, on a flexible retaining strap, that goes through the tool's thumb hole. This sheath allows secure inverted carry, and is convertible left or right. A removable belt clip is included, and the sheath has multiple slots and grommets to allow lashing to a backpack or pack animal.

The Shakaulu should not be confused with a brush cutter or hatchet. It is a much more sophisticated skinning tool, and the Razor-Sharp edge is not intended for such use.

But if you need to make short work of a large animal before the snow flurries, or hyenas, close in, the Shakaulu is the tool for you.
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  • 2013-12-26
    Clarksville, TN
Thick, heavy, sturdy. Great for skinning, cleaning and caping big game. Great shape and handle - feels good and secure in the hand. Locking mechanism on sheath is very awkward. Otherwise a great multi-purpose knife. I don't go big game hunting without it.

  • 2013-10-25
    Dillingham, AK
I picked one up through the PX. Really great knife/tool. The knife is sharp, the handle and knife are well balanced. I have not had a chance to use it on a moose, but the knife was very useful around camp. The knife I give a 5 stars plus, I would give the sheath about 3. I find gettingthe knife in and out clumsy, at least for me. I think a leather sheath would be better, or design one that would be easier to secure. Thanks for a great product, I can't wait to use it on a moose or bear

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Shakaulu - Designed by Ken Onion

Item Number: K900KKP
Price: $99.99

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length9.5 inches
Weight15.3 ounces

Length5.5 inches
Thickness0.267 inches
Material65MN Carbon Steel
FinishPowder Coat

MaterialDouble Injection PP/TPE

Carry SystemPP Sheath
Weight3.2 ounces

Product Information
Ken Onion
Ken Onion - Though I have been a devout knife collector since childhood, collecting mostly production knives and anything else I could find, I was unaware of the custom knife industry until 1989 when...
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