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Eros - Ken Onion Design

Rated: 3.7/5
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2010 Blade Show Imported Knife of the Year Award

(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
(K455TXP) Eros - Ken Onion Design
K455TXP description
For Those Who Want Five Stars, Here's the Pocket Knife Version.

This is the next version of the one that started it all and invented a whole new category called the ôgentleman's tactical". With a smooth and fast opening IKBS™ ball bearing system, this everyday carry knife looks swanky and gets the job done.

Ken Onion of Kaneohe, HI designed the Eros™ to be a suit knife, take to church knife, or any kind of knife where refined cutting power and a bit of polish are in order. A Blade Show Knife of the Year Award winner that looks good in hand and looks even better when you open it up.

A sleek modified spear point blade crafted from high carbon stainless steel offers a fine tip and beautiful satin finish. You almost don't want to get it dirty. Almost.

What's truly attractive though is how quickly the blade deploys with IKBS™. This ball bearing pivot system provides smooth, fast, opening action for the blade with the simple flip of finger. It's like having your filet mignon of features with all of the finest trimmings.

In the hand, this knife feels like the shifter in a sports car. The ultra-lightweight titanium handle is detail-sculpted for a cool look and added grip traction. An extremely unique custom style carry clip makes carrying it both convenient and easy. Not to mention it gives you a subtle way to show off your stylish folder to friends.

Grab your Eros™ when you want a sleek sophisticated knife that's confidently infused with a bit of testosterone.

Also Available:

Eros™ Flat Handle Large (K456XXP)

Eros™ Flat Handle Compact (K451XXP)

K455TXP ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 6
 3.7/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 11
  • 2016-01-15
    North Bethesda, MD
I own the mini of this knife and nicknamed it the stinger. Incredibly sharp, a little difficult to maneuver in terms of opening it because it's only 4-5 inches long when open. The grip is fantastic to hold, excellent texture and beautiful. I have the same complaint with the clip. I'm not sure it's really necessary as the knife tends to stay put in your pocket due to the texture. I'm going to order the "big" version, but this does seem more suited to a woman's hand. Great gift for a lady to carry in her purse or pocket. I carry mine when I run or go out at night alone.

  • 2015-11-12
    grand saline, TX
love the knife,light weight and keeps a good edge..thanks ken..

  • 2014-08-31
    Clarkston, MI
The only problem with this beautiful,beautiful knife is that it is so light I keep thinking I've lost it It is that unobtrusive One classy Gentlemen's tactical

  • 2014-08-04
    Yuba City, CA
I like how sharp the knife is. II would like a knife which is about an inch longer

  • 2014-03-25
    Houston, TX
I have one of these Eros knives (and several other Ken Onion designed knives). I have two MINOR complaints about the Eros, and they are related. (1) The clip is rather cheesy aluminum, and bent out of shape way too easily to be effective, (2) There is no way to reverse it. I wound up taking the clip off altogether. The knife itself though is Onion's usual primo quality. It stays bloody well sharp. I would like a slightly larger one. I absolutely LOVE the scales of the Titanium model.

  • 2013-08-01
    APO, AE
I first saw this knife while working in Afghanistan. It was in a German PX (Post Exchange) and I was very impressed with the knife. I would have bought it on the spot, but they were asking 269 Euros for it ($356.58). I decided to look for it online and snatched it from CRKT's site for only $225 I'm still very impressed with it and look forward to a long happy experience with my new Gentleman's Tactical from Ken Onion.

  • 2013-07-10
    Marstons Mills, MA
This knife lives up to its moniker, "Gentleman Tactical". The knife is sturdy, elegant, finely made, sharp-sharp-sharp, light, and hand friendly. It is a bit difficult to open and close at first, but as with any knife, it gets smooth with practice and wear. I too would be interested in a larger version of this knife - while it's perfect for deep carry, I would love to see a longer version. Careful when you first open it, I touched the tip to my finger and drew blood.

  • 2013-04-07
    Clayton, NM
I absolutely love this knife. It weights nothing at all and is beautiful If your looking for an EDC that you will forget you have in your pocket this is the one. The only thing that I would like to change is to make the knife just a little bigger. It is the size of a mini griptilian right now. I have fairly big hands so it is just a little small for me but not to bad. If it was half an inch bigger it would be perfect in every way

  • 2013-02-22
    Elkin, NC
I have owned this knife for approx 1 year. I have spent $$$ on knives this is one of the best. Feel and Fit are as fine Silk. Blade works with razor cuts. Great Knife at any price. Only thing I would change is a longer pocket clip if one is ever produced please let me know. Thank you for an incredibly Good Product. Dr Larry

  • 2013-02-22
    Arlington, WA
I am a pocket knife collector. The Eros has risen to the top of my finest knifes in my collection of over 300. I am very impressed with the light weight and overall thinness of the Eros. I have been carrying it every day since it arrived and have recommended this knife to my other enthusiast. Reading others reviews of the Eros is miss leading do to lack of understanding the properties of Titanium. By the nature of Titanium material, one could consider the closure not being as easily to perform as others. I myself rate this knife a solid 5 star. R. Heppell.

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Eros - Ken Onion Design

Item Number: K455TXP
Price: $225.00
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length7 inches
Closed Length4 inches
Weight1.4 ounces

Length3 inches
Thickness0.079 inches
MaterialAcuto +
StyleModified Spear Point

Material6AL4V Titanium

TypeFrame Lock

Carry System1 Position Clip


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Ken Onion
Ken Onion - Though I have been a devout knife collector since childhood, collecting mostly production knives and anything else I could find, I was unaware of the custom knife industry until 1989 when...
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