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Williams Personal Defense Flashlight

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(F1000) Williams Personal Defense Flashlight
F1000 description
The CRKT flashlight series, designed by James Williams, provides powerful LED output light ideal for outdoor use, personal safety, self-defense, everyday-carry, and tactical applications.

The hard-coat, black, anodized aluminum bodies are tough and strong for lasting durability.

Projected lens reflectors provide maximum output and brightness of blinding light. Caution is advised when using the lights; do not flash directly into the eyes for extended periods.

The industrial grade rubberized, tail cap button is pushed to control the multiple light modes.

Personal Defense Flashlight Modes –

High Mode Functions (Bezel Out) 100 lumens - Approx. 50 minutes of run time.

1. Momentarily On–Slightly depress the on-off button with your thumb or index finger to temporarily activate the light. Release and the light turns off.

2. Fully On–Depress the on-off button until it clicks to fully activate the light. Click to turn off.

3. Strobe On–Quickly depress the on-off button twice to activate the strobe. Fully click the final press to lock into a constant blinding strobe mode. Click to turn off.

Low Mode Functions (Bezel In)

1st click displays a low 3 lms light with 65 hrs. of run time.

2nd click turns the light off.

3rd click displays a mid 10 lms light with 9 hrs of run time.

4th click turns the light off.

5th click displays a max 50 lms light with 1.5 hrs. run time.

6th click turns the light off.

7th click displays (S.O.S.) with 50 lms and 5 hrs. run time.

8th click turns the light off.

After the flashlight has been off for 2 seconds, it resets to the original settings.

*Run times may vary depending on batteries and conditions.

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Williams Personal Defense Flashlight

Item Number: F1000
Price: $99.99
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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length4.26 inches
Weight2.9 ounces

Battery(1) Alkaline AA Battery


Carry SystemRemovable wire clip

AdditionalLED; changes modes -high mode (100 lumens; strobe) low mode (5 lumens; 10 lumens; 50 lumens; SOS)

Product Information
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James Williams
James Williams is a former U.S. Army officer with over 45 years of experience in numerous martial arts disciplines. He knows cutlery as President of Bugei Trading Company.
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