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(Ignitor) Ignitor
(Ignitor) Ignitor
(Ignitor) Ignitor
(Ignitor) Ignitor
(Ignitor) Ignitor
(Ignitor) Ignitor
Ignitor description
We hope to ignite your passion for high-tech folders with this new knife series. That's why we call it the Ignitor. It raises the bar for all value-priced folders, by using premium blade steel, layered G10 scales, and patented features including assisted opening, a unique knife safety and our special serrations. We challenge you to find a knife of this quality for the money. Consider these features:

First the blade. It's a modified drop point design with a high hollow grind. We use premium 8Cr14MoV stainless steel. You have your choice of a Razor-Sharp edge or combination Razor-Sharp edge with our patented Veff Serrations, which are superior for fast cutting of cord, netting and vegetation.

The frame uses our rigid InterFrame build with stainless steel liners, one locking, and layered G10 scales, textured and CNC machined to aid grip. The deep finger choil and pommel fit the hand nicely. The flat cross-section makes for comfortable in-pocket carry.

The true breakthrough is our ability to combine our patented OutBurst assisted opening with the patent-pending Fire Safe mechanism. When closed, the blade is safely locked by the Fire Safe pin. It cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward. Then the blade springs open instantly for use. Yes, this is a design for right-hand opening, but it is the best integration of folder safety and fast access that we have ever seen in a sport and work folder. Caution: When closing the knife, always press firmly to fully close the blade, and be sure the Fire Safe pin locks into place securely with an audible "click".

The standard sport Ignitor models have a polished blade and frame, with green and black G10 scales. It's a contemporary and sophisticated look that exudes custom-knife quality.

All models include a removable stainless steel clip.

U.S. Patent No. D559,939 Patent pending

Ignitor ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 9
 3.9/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 9
  • 2015-08-25
    southern pines, NC
I got my ignitor about 4 years ago for Christmas, and as a dumb 13 year old I've abused my share of knifes, digging, throwing, cutting things that have no business being cut. but this knife held its own. its now my EDC. the only issue I have is the clip broke off(most likely from my abuse.). and I cant get the blade to take a edge because of the serrations. but when I get my next knife I'm definitely going to stay with an Ignitor, just an upgrade to an Ignitor T. CRKT Response: Parts are available on our website free of charge (including new clip and screws). TJR

  • 2015-04-13
    Conifer, CO
Ive owned my Ignitor with the serrated blade for nearly three years and I have almost nothing negative to say about it. I purchased my knife from a Cornwell tool dealer and have been carrying the knife with me everyday since then. I have put my knife through it's proverbial paces and it has yet to dissapoint, the blade is seriosely robust and took about two years of abuse to become somewhat dull. The only complaint I have is that after a few months of daily use the pocket clip came loose, but with a little locktight and a micro torques bit that was easily remedied. I rarely service my Ignitor but it still springs open like new though the firesafe system has become a bit worn and will allow the knife to open if dropped or if the blade is pulled on. It is an awesome knife.

  • 2015-04-02
    Harrodsburg, KY
I bought this knife from a friend best knife I ever have had razor sharp one handed opening, by far the best made knife I've ever seen I also bought his knife tool made by crkt anything that needed adjusted this tool will do it. I left the knife laying on a sound board at the American legion I performed at and it walked off. I'm going to buy another one when I can afford it.

  • 2015-01-19
    peterborough, NH
I have owned one of these for 4 years. I love it. I have carried it everyday, and used it countless times. I just recently "lost" my first knife. I ordered another, and loved it just as much as my first one. Then I turned around, and found my old knife. I have placed the new one in reserve, and have gone back to using my original one. The older knife doesn't open as fast, and is quite a bit easier to close. Those things both come with constant use. This knife is fantastic. It has been by my side through four years of military service, and a one deployment. I carry it every day at my new job climbing cellphone towers. The custom serration is hard to sharpen, but cuts very well even once scuffed up pretty good.

  • 2015-01-06
    Norwalk, CA
I am thus far very disappointed with the fire safe thumb stud operation on my new Ignitor. While the Outburst assist is incredible, getting the spring to kick-in has been an uncomfortable chore. Perhaps my particular knife is defective, but the thumb stud requires a significant (i.e., painful) amount of force in order to disengage the lock pin. And, unlike in the promotional video, where the opening is a smooth one-step motion, on my knife I have to take two deliberate steps. I typically need to deploy more than once in a session, so the thumb stud ends up hurting my thumb and I shy away from using this otherwise stellar knife. I wish I had bought for myself (instead of a gift) so that I could return it/exchange it. CRKT Response: If this was a gift it is still covered under our warranty policy and you are able to send it in for repair/replacement

  • 2014-07-09
    Anchorage, AK
Just purchased the CRKT IGNITOR. After trying out many different brands I made the decision to purchase the CRKT IGNITOR because of the combination edge and comfortable fit for my small hands. I was extremely impressed with the safety lock which keeps the blade closed so that I'm not fearful that the blade will accidently open. However, I was a little disappointed to see "manufactured in China" on the back of a product from a company that is based out of Oregon. I am one of many consumers who would proudly pay more for an American Blade. My main complaint about this product is the imperfection on the tips of the serration--not only were the imperfections on the display at the store but also on the item I later purchased. The IGNITOR looks promising for this Alaskan fisheries researcher.

  • 2014-04-15
    Amherst, MA
I confess to being a knife-ophile and the Ignitor is one of the very best I own. This model is good pocket size and always handy for a variety of tasks. When I wrote CRKT telling them I wished to remove the clip and asking them what tool I needed, they sent me the proper tool for free. Now, that's my kind of customer service. As others have noted the blade keeps a fine edge and the Outburst opening mechanism is both safe and awesome. Incidentally, and not nearly as important as the other observations, it is a damn good looking knife and I have had several compliments on that.

  • 2014-04-07
    Arlington, TX
My father brought home one of these a while back and I was instantly jealous. Naturally I went out and got an ignitor-t as soon as possible. Then I got another one.. and another. Needless to say, I love the ignitor. The opening mechanism is smooth and authoritative. The blade is sharp and holds an edge as well as you could expect. The veff serration is the most effective I've ever used, and it's much easier to sharpen than any other type of serration I've ever come across. I've paid as little as $25 and as much as $35.. but even if I paid full retail I wouldn't disappointed. It's a great carry knife at a price that won't make you cry if you happen to lose it. In fact.. I think I'm going to go buy another one..

  • 2014-01-03
    San Antonio, TX
The Ignitor by CRKT is probably one of the finest pocket knives on the market. That said, I have carried knives since the 1950. Some issued by the military and some that I have bought. I have had the old Cuda and the new Cuda which were quite and served their purpose. Recently I have used the CRKT Thundbird which opens with the trigger finger and had the Tanto blade. Outside of it being a very heavy knife and a little hard to sharpen I found that it held an edge and gave great service. The Ignitor is light weight ,great metal and the serrated part of the blade is the best I have ever used. It cuts though things like hot butter. About six swipes of a Redhead 600 grit diamond rod and the straight edge was as sharp as a razor. With a couple swipes of the CRKT Viff Shaping kit on the serrated part of the blade and your knife is a scary knife. The opening mechanism works smoothly and the package is a delight to carry. It's a little expensive ,but well worth the money.

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Product Specifications
Open Overall Length7.5 inches
Closed Length4.25 inches
Weight3.5 ounces

Length3.38 inches
Thickness0.11 inches
GrindHigh Hollow
StyleModified Drop Point


TypeLocking Liner

Carry System1 Position Clip

Fire SafeYes

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