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Eraser - Designed by Liong Mah

Rated: 4.7/5
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8900 description
Designer Liong Mah uses a bold profile to shape his vision of tactical. The Eraser™ locking liner tactical folding knife is designed and built to perform in your world. Its modified tanto blade wields a strong point for tough piercing into a variety of materials, and the elongated cutting edge can go the distance.

Opening the blade is rapid with use of the Flipper on the spine. Another added feature is the patented* LAWKS™ manual safety mechanism so you can secure the blade when open. The robust Eraser™ handle has a slight bend at the fore end to create a more substantial grip form for thrusting. The handle shape also affords a nice blade guard as well as a generous pommel. The machined G10 scales are radius contoured to fill the grip and the full, stainless steel liners create a formidable foundation for tough use.

All in all, the Eraser™ folder is one hell of a tactical folder that can take every bit of what you can dish out.
8900 ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 3
 4.7/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 5
  • 2013-07-27
    waldorf, MD
I wanted to comment on the placement of the LAWKS, I LIKE IT There I said it. Some people say it is a hot spot for the thumb, the LAWKS gives my thumb something to rest on preventing it from sliding forward. I have no complaints about this knife. It is replacing my Zero Tolerance 300 for EDC, if you know about that knife than its a big compliment to the CRKT Eraser. Another great knife CRKT and kudos to Liong Mah...keep them coming guys. I can never have too many CRKT's in my collection

  • 2013-06-30
    Provo, UT
This is the best knife I've ever owned. My love/trust of CRKT knives were passed down to me by my father who taught me what a good blade felt like and that price is not an option when looking for quality that could save your life. I've had no issue with the LAWKS, even during the stab test. The only way I could see the LAWKS being painful is if held in the Forward Saber grip, in which case you would probably not need the LAWKS engaged. Modified Saber, Hammer, Filipino and Blade Out/In Reverse grips, no issues with LAWKS at all. There's no blade play and ergonomics of the design makes the knife feel like an extension of your arm creating easy slicing action and incredible stabbing power. In a test I passed through 21 layers of cardboard. Good Job Liong Mah and CRKT

  • 2013-02-04
    Wasilla, AK
Great knife, fit finish and ergonomics are superior. Four position pocket clip allows you to carry ready to deploy left or right handed. Hefty, solid, sturdy blade that quickly deploys with the flipper and lock in place. Easy one handed use, this knife should last a lifetime.

  • 2012-08-23
    Eagle River, AK
Form, function, and durability sets this knife apart from all pocket knives I've ever owned. Here in Alaska, where one depends on the reliability of a good knife, the Eraser holds an edge extremely well and is easy to sharpen. It fits ergonomically well in the hand, and its heft speaks for itself. I use it to split salmon, or moose and found many other uses around camp. It's the only knife I carry in my backpack wherever I'm going. I especially like the manual LAWKS because when it's sticking up, I know it's on ... if I don't feel it, I know it's tucked away and needs to be deployed when the blade is open. Kudos to Liong Mah for the eye-catching design

  • 2012-06-10
I really like this knife. It is a creative and logical jump in folding design, and the execution is excellent. This is a practical and high class knife suitable for a variety of uses. I have a few issues with this knife: 1) The LAWKS is useless, especially under stress. Because it is flush atop the frame you cannot deploy it easily and if it cannot be deployed easily, it will not be deployed at all. Also, when the LAWKS is deployed it sticks up in an awkward and painfully uncomfortable position. DID ANYONE EVEN LOOK AT THIS BEFORE SIGNING OFF ON THE DESIGN? 2) The flipper is almost as sharp as the blade and sorely needs to be beveled. I did this with a stone and some emery cloth, but WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO? Folks, I REALLY DO LIKE THIS KNIFE A LOT But it is not perfect. ***CRKT RESPONSE Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate your point of view. We have a lot of customers that have been very complimentary towards the design of this knife. Here is a recent example -

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Eraser - Designed by Liong Mah

Item Number: 8900
Price: $140.00

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length8.75 inches
Closed Length5 inches
Weight6.2 ounces

Length3.875 inches
Thickness0.14 inches
GrindHigh Hollow
StyleModified Tanto


TypeLocking Liner
Safety SystemLAWKS

Carry System4 Position Clip


Product Information
Liong Mah
Liong Mah is a designer working in New York City. He says, As a kid my uncle would give me pocket knives and I would see what I could change to improve the design.
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