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Drifter/Pazoda PR


For immediate release.

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Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— January 19, 2010

The popular CRKT® Drifter and Pazoda™ are a

collection of high-quality affordable little knives that seem to shout,

“Engrave your name or put your company logo right here.”

What makes a good logo knife? It should be affordable, and it should have some large

flat areas on the blade or frame suitable for logo imprinting. So we at Columbia River

Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) are very happy to present the Drifter and Pazoda™ series. They’re

high-quality knives that are priced low enough to purchase in quantity, and all have flat areas

that are perfect for our “Company Billboard” imprinting by laser or silk screen. Or you can

take any one to your local trophy house for personalized engraving.

The Drifter G10 is a locking liner folder with black G10 scales and a premium 8Cr14MoV

stainless steel 2.875” drop point blade in a gray titanium nitride finish. It features an

InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and a black stainless steel clip. It is available in

both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edges.

The Drifter Stainless is a stainless steel frame-lock folder. The flat titanium nitride-coated

frames are ideally suited for imprinting. It also features a 2.875” 8Cr14MoV stainless steel

blade with a Razor-Sharp edge and a brushed finish. A stainless steel clip is included.

The Pazoda™ is a stylish frame-lock folder with a 2.625” premium 8Cr14MoV blade, gray

titanium nitride coated. The stainless steel frames are also given a gray titanium nitride

coating, and then a brushed finish on the outer surface only, leaving an ample bright area for

imprinting. The oval blade hole allows fast either-hand opening. A stainless steel clip is

included. The Pazoda is available in both Razor-Sharp or Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-

Point™ Serrated edges.

The smaller Pazoda™ 2 is similar in design and materials to its larger brother, but with a

2.125” Razor-Sharp blade. It is simply an incredible value in an all-stainless steel folder.

For more information on colors, pricing and minimum quantities of custom “Company

Billboard” imprinting of CRKT knives with your logo or message, see our web site, The Drifter and Pazoda series open a new vista on the world of affordable

logo knives. For example, the three Drifter models have an MSRP of only $29.99; the

larger Pazoda models are only $24.99, and the smaller Pazoda 2 is just $19.99.

The Drifter 6450KC and Pazoda 6490C are available in retail clampacks.


Pazoda™ 2


Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge


Length: 2.125” (54 mm)

Thickness: 0.10” (2.5 mm)

Steel: 8Cr14MoV, 58-59 HRC


Handle length: 3.00” (76 mm)


Overall length: 5.125” (130 mm)


1.5 oz. (43 g)


$19.99 US



Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge


Combined Razor-Sharp & Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge


Length: 2.625” (67 mm)

Thickness: 0.10” (2.5 mm)

Steel: 8Cr14MoV, 58-59 HRC


Handle length: 3.75” (95 mm)


Overall length: 6.50” (165 mm)


3.1 oz. (88 g)


$24.99 US

All CRKT knives are protected by the CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Columbia River Knife & Tool is dedicated to producing knives, tools, and accessories

of uncompromising quality and selling them at affordable prices. CRKT products are

distributed through specialty retail, sporting goods and cutlery stores that offer customers

knowledgeable service and are available from or other reputable web site


# # #












G10 InterFrame Build, Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge

G10 InterFrame Build, Combined Razor-Sharp &

Triple-Point Serrated Cutting Edge

2.4 oz. (68 g)

Steel Frame-Lock Build, Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge

3.2 oz. (91 g)

Length: 2.875” (73 mm)

Thickness: 0.10” (2.5 mm)

Steel: 8Cr14MoV, 58-59 HRC

Handle length: 3.625” (92 mm)

Overall length: 6.50” (165 mm)

$29.99 US


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