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Delegate - Gentleman

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1053W description
If you were a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, you would feel right at home with our new line of gentleman's folders, so we're calling it the Delegate line. Classic knife making tradition comes through in their understated design and use of natural materials.

But like the Founding Fathers, there is a revolutionary aspect to this line. We have incorporated our OutBurst® assist with our patent-pending* Fire Safe release mechanism which is built into the thumb stud.

When the blade is closed, it is securely held in place by the OutBurst spring bias, and is also locked in place by the Fire Safe pin in the locking liner, which engages the blade.

To open the blade, simply press in on the Fire Safe thumb stud, and rotate it forward to begin blade opening. Once the blade is open approximately 30 degrees, the OutBurst assist takes over and instantly completes the opening action. In practice, one-handed opening is a fast, single movement of the thumb.

This system provides exceptional safety because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to open the blade accidentally. Bumping or pressing the thumb stud does nothing. The user must know the secret rotating action to open the blade.

The Delegate Gentleman is our smaller model with a three inch blade and a weight of only 1.7 ounces. It is noteworthy for its custom-style black G10 bolster perfectly inlaid with a cocobola scale. Our rigid InterFrame build uses stainless steel liners, one locking, with black anodized 6061 aluminum bolsters and inlaid scales.

It has a custom stainless steel clip.

*Patent pending

1053W ratings and reviews
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No. of ratings: 6
 3.5/5.0 Stars  
Number of Reviews: 10
  • 2014-05-05
    Oceanside, NY
The Good: Bought one of these after they were discontinued and loved it. Wanted a small, EDC. Took a few tries to get used to the Fire Safe open, but loved it after 15 minutes, and knew it was safe enough to handle that I'd let my toddler holt it closed. Size was perfect for what I wanted. The Bad: Within two weeks one of the bolts that held the clip in place broke. The head sheared right off. The Ugly: Managed to lose the knife several months ago and have been unable to replace it. Would absolutely buy another if one were available.

  • 2013-12-21
    Trumansburg, NY
This knife is perfect for everyday use. The one-handed action is, once learned properly, easy and consistent. The knife can be made very sharp. It's great.

  • 2013-07-31
    Wilmington, OH
I've had this knife for 2 years now and I'm pretty happy. I use it daily at work cutting inbound shrink-wrap and cardboard (with the pocket clip). The quick release took a few times to learn, but it's not rocket science. I've seen people complaining about the size... It's called reading/research, again not rocket science. Stop complaining if you hastily buy something cause because you can't understand readily available measurements....

  • 2012-12-28
    Columbiana, OH
I ordered the Gentleman because I wanted a smaller pocket knife. I have had my Delegate for over a year and love both of them. The only thing I wish were different on both would be to be able to remove the clip.

  • 2012-08-29
    Bear, DE
I have been buying from and carrying CRKT for a long time. The badger has been a favorite of mine since its release, and has the wear marks to prove it. While the price of the knife should have dictated my expectations, I allowed myself to expect this knife to be of the same quality of the badger. I was wrong. While the Gentleman is a great looking knife, it just doesn't function very well. Give. It's very small girth, the firesafe is cumbersome, at best. And while most CRKT assisted knives only require about 30% on your part, this one needs nearly 50%, then it fails to lock open. I have to put a lot of force into it to have the locking mechanism work. I rated this at a 3. It looks great, but doesn't function so well. This is in stark contrast to the otherwise amazing knives CRKT makes.

  • 2012-08-22
    Edgewater, MD
all around great knife smooth action easy release the only complaint is a piece of the g10 burl is a little loose and using it as a edc knife i don't like that its already loose when i just got it

  • 2012-08-13
    Lehigh Acres, FL
A little to small for me. But once I did a little work it is a fine knife. It will take a very sharp edge. It has good steel in it. It was hard to learn how to use but I love it.I have never bought a knife as sharp as I can make it to date. Walter from Lehigh Acres, FL

  • 2012-06-13
    birmingham, MI
I like mine. A little small for my hand but that was my choice. I have a broken thumb so I don't know yet about one hand opening. I hate all clips and remove them first thing. The knife has a good feel and a good edge so far. Even my wife noticed the appearance and said it looked more "gentlemanly" than the knives I usually carry. Someone was thinking when they named the model. Tony

  • 2012-04-19
    St. Louis Park, MN
This knife is terrible. The "Fire Safe" mechanism is impossible to operate with one hand. There is no point in having an assisted opener that will not open. I am sending this back. I see many of the other reviewers have noticed the same thing and yet this website shows a 5 star rating. That is NOT possible unless someone at CRKT is fudging the results. CRKT should be ashamed of themselves. I guess I will have to go to websites like Amazon and leave a bad review there too so that future buyers will not be duped by CRKT's ratings manipulation. ***CRKT Response - We do not edit, change, modify, or otherwise inauthenticate user generated reviews. If you read through our site reviews you will read the good and the bad. Not all reviews are positive. That being said, we will reach out to you regarding the Delegate you received and attempt to make this right for you. If you choose to post negative reviews on other sites we can't control that. We can say that we will do everything we can to make this right for you. We appreciate your feedback and are reaching out to you now, thanks again. CRKT

  • 2012-04-12
    Rutherford, NJ
Bought the Delegate-Gentleman thinking it was a little bigger than it actually is

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Delegate - Gentleman

Item Number: 1053W
Price: $49.99

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length6.5 inches
Closed Length3.5 inches
Weight1.7 ounces

Length3 inches
Thickness0.096 inches
StyleClip Point

MaterialG10 with Burl Wood

TypeLocking Liner

Carry System1 Position Clip

Fire SafeYes
PatentPatent Pending

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