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Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath

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(5006) Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath
(5006) Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath
(5006) Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath
(5006) Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath
5006 description
When you want to travel light, here's a world-class solution that would have delighted Marco Polo. It's called the Crossover, and it's a premium-quality shears, kitchen knife, bottle opener, lid lifter/screwdriver, and grill cleaner. Yes, others have tried this combination, but none have done it as well in a functional, lightweight package, complete with a leather sheath.

In the outdoors, heavy-duty shears come in handy. On a tossing boat in the open ocean, they are far safer than a knife when venting your salmon or steelhead catch. And they are essential when cleaning your duck, pheasant, grouse, goose or turkey. The Crossover has a special boning notch on the shears, which makes preparing birds much easier and faster.

Later, when you need a camp kitchen knife, simply twist the Crossover handle to release the scissors pair, press the flexible scissors finger loop back into the handle, and you have a quality Razor-Sharp 5.5" knife capable of slicing and dicing your next meal. It's a chef's knife without compromise— well balanced, perfectly sized for every chore from slicing steaks to chopping onions.

The Crossover also has a jar and bottle opener, plus an extended lid lifter/screwdriver that has dozens of uses around the camp, from opening jars and bottles to tightening screws.

The Crossover is built with full-tang high-carbon stainless steel frame underlying the knife/scissors, with ergonomic injection-molded glass filled nylon handles. The scissors finger loop is made of flexible TPR with a stainless steel strap core for long life.

Unlike conventional shears, the Crossover can be fully cleaned while disassembled, so nothing collects at the pivot point.

You also have a precision scissors which can be handy if you suddenly need to trim clothing, tents or sails.

As a bonus, the Crossover also has a unique semicircular notch near the shears tip which is designed as a grill scraper.

On the trail, the Crossover has some limitations. It won't fill out your tag, it won't dry your socks by the campfire, and it won't stay up all night to watch for bears. But other than that, it's the perfect outdoor companion.

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Crossover Shear with Leather Sheath

Item Number: 5006
Price: $49.99

Product Specifications
Open Overall Length9.5 inches
Weight4.1 ounces

Length5.5 inches
Thickness0.08 inches

MaterialGlass Filled Nylon w/Stainless Reinforced Strap

Carry SystemLeather Sheath
Weight1.7 ounces

Bottle Cap OpenerYes
Flat Blade DriverYes

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